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Company profile

Tokyo Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd. (TGC) was established in 1973 to produce industrial gases such as liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen. By utilizing cold energy of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), we save electricity and, thus, reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the production process. Japanfs largest city gas company, Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. is the parent company of TGC, and supplies its LNG for cold energy use.

Industrial gases and Tokyo Gas Chemicals Group

Tokyo Gas Chemicals Group, with TGC as its core entity, consists of three industrial gas manufacturing companies and a sales company, and has established itself as a major player of the following business particularly in the Tokyo and surrounding areas:


Fully utilizing LNG-related technologies originally developed by Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., TGC nowadays embraces engineering businesses such as:

Chemicals and electronics equipment

Our line of business also includes:

Leading-edge technology

As a pioneer in the development of the LNG cold energy utilization industry in Japan, TGC has placed utmost values upon technological capabilities. Taking advantage of a wide range of our technical expertise accumulated over the years, we propose the best solutions that fit your particular needs.

Environmental commitment

In the 21st century, the environmental consciousness has become increasingly important. TGC is firmly determined to commit itself to securing the sustainable global environment by further promoting LNG cold energy applications and engineering, which is intrinsically environment-friendly.

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