Industrial Gases

● GREEN ECO GASR (liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon),
● Liquid carbon dioxide, dry ice,
● On-site oxygen, hydrogen made from natural gas and PSA systems,
● LNG and CNG
● Rare gases (neon, xenon, and krypton), etc.


● Chemical products (toluene, xylene, other solvents, etc.),
● Tar products (coal tar, carbon black oil, pitch, etc.),
● Petroleum products (petrol, bunker A, bunker C, kerosene, gas oil, etc.),
● Water chemicals and heavy chemicals, etc.


● Construction of LNG satellite stations and industrial gas-related facilities,
● Plant maintenance and maintenance,
● Gas piping,
● Equipment repairs,
● Contract services,
● ECOWEL gas and related instrument,
● Hydrogen projects, etc.